Adding a Recipe

As we’ve already added our tests, we have a pretty good idea of what needs to happen.

First let’s add the server named run list to the Policyfile.rb in our cookbook by making that file look something like this:

# Policyfile.rb - Describe how you want Chef Infra Client to build your system.
# For more information on the Policyfile feature, visit

# Use the cookbook's metadata.rb file for sourcing the name and other details

# Where to find external cookbooks:
default_source :supermarket

# run_list: chef-client will run these recipes in the order specified.
run_list 'git_cookbook::default'

named_run_list :server, "git_cookbook::server"

To apply the changes we’ve just made to Policyfile.rb let’s now run chef update.

With our Policyfile updated to point to the server recipe it’s time to create that recipe by creating a file called recipes/server.rb with the following:

# the default recipe is implied if only the cookbook name is provided
# effectively `include_recipe "git_cookbook::default"`
include_recipe "git_cookbook"

# install the above `daemon_pkg`
package 'git-daemon-run'

# create our data directory
directory '/opt/git'

# setup the systemd unit (service) with the above `daemon_bin`, enable, and
# start it
systemd_unit 'git-daemon.service' do
  content <<-EOU.gsub(/^\s+/, '')
    Description=Git Repositories Server Daemon

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/git daemon \
    --reuseaddr \
    --base-path=/opt/git/ \


  action [ :create, :enable, :start ]

Before we give our new recipe a go, a quick detour to cover how we might exclude a particular platform from a suite’s tests.