Adding a Test

Our first test was created for us automatically for us by our cookbook generator so here we will create the folders and files manually.

First we’re going to create a directory for our test file:

mkdir -p test/integration/server

Next, create a file called test/integration/server/git_daemon_test.rb with the following:

# # encoding: utf-8

# Inspec test for recipe git_cookbook::server

describe port(9418) do
  it { should be_listening }

describe service('git-daemon') do
  it { should be_enabled }
  it { should be_running }

This test checks that a process is listening on port 9418 and a service called “git-daemon” is installed, enabled, and running.

As our primary target platform was Ubuntu 16.04, we’ll target this one first for development. Now, in Test-Driven style we’ll run kitchen verify to watch our tests fail spectacularly:

Recipe Compile Error

could not find recipe server for cookbook git_cookbook

One quick check of kitchen list tells us that our instance was created but not successfully converged:

$ kitchen list server-ubuntu-1604
Instance            Driver   Provisioner  Verifier  Transport  Last Action  Last Error
server-ubuntu-1604  Vagrant  ChefZero     Inspec    Ssh        Created      Kitchen::ActionFailed

Yes, you can specify one or more instances with the same Ruby regular expression globbing as any other kitchen sub-commands.

Okay, no recipe called server in our Git cookbook. Let’s go create one.