Adding a Test

Our first test was created for us automatically for us by our cookbook generator so here we will create the folders and files manually.

First we’re going to create a directory for our test file:

mkdir -p test/integration/server

Next, create a file called test/integration/server/git_daemon_test.rb with the following:

# InSpec test for recipe git_cookbook::server

describe port(9418) do
  it { should be_listening }

describe service('git-daemon') do
  it { should be_enabled }
  it { should be_running }

This test checks that a process is listening on port 9418 and a service called “git-daemon” is installed, enabled, and running.

As our primary target platform was Ubuntu 20.04, we’ll target this one first for development. Now, in test driven development (TDD) style we’ll run kitchen test server to watch our tests fail spectacularly:

Chef encountered an error attempting to load the node data for "server-ubuntu-2004"

Unexpected Error:
Chef::PolicyBuilder::Policyfile::ConfigurationError: Policy 'git_cookbook' revision 'f9aaaeaa7a929e3370d5224a3c7f07c605721933b9a893d383d0dc478aa48ce8' does not have named_run_list 'server'(available named_run_lists: [])

One quick check of kitchen list tells us that our instance was created but not successfully converged:

$ kitchen list server-ubuntu-2004
Instance            Driver   Provisioner  Verifier  Transport  Last Action  Last Error
server-ubuntu-2004  Vagrant  ChefInfra     Inspec    Ssh        Created      Kitchen::ActionFailed

Yes, you can specify one or more instances with the same Ruby regular expression globbing as any other kitchen sub-commands.

Test Kitchen fails because we’ve set up our server suite to run a Policyfile named run list of server, but no named run list exists in our Policyfile and we haven’t created the server recipe in our Git cookbook. Let’s go fix our Policyfile and create our recipe.